Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Turkish Waffles are the best thing that man has ever thought of. You get a waffle and get to put whatever you want on it. Fruit, nutella, chocolate, nuts, anythinig, for only 2.50 dollars :D
This is a small fishing town called Força. It is known for its charater and fish. It is also 15 min away from Greese by boat so it looked exactly like a greek island.

Ok i know my face looks strange but I must jsut let you all see the chicken that we bought for 3 dollars and were just eating with our hands. No where else would that be acceptalbe. Well actually its not even here. But it was fun.

Pamukkle was this beautiful city just 2 hours out of Izmır. There was once an old city, and now little is left, because of a volcano. And the white you see is some sort of iron which destroyed most the city. İt was so amazing and green in the fields and just different and intresting.

Dont ask who is taking this pic. (it was this kurdish man who was trying to get my number..oh the good times :D but here is the old ampiteather.

The natural warm water.

Part of the old city, one of the tombs.

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