Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Turkish Waffles are the best thing that man has ever thought of. You get a waffle and get to put whatever you want on it. Fruit, nutella, chocolate, nuts, anythinig, for only 2.50 dollars :D
This is a small fishing town called Força. It is known for its charater and fish. It is also 15 min away from Greese by boat so it looked exactly like a greek island.

Ok i know my face looks strange but I must jsut let you all see the chicken that we bought for 3 dollars and were just eating with our hands. No where else would that be acceptalbe. Well actually its not even here. But it was fun.

Pamukkle was this beautiful city just 2 hours out of Izmır. There was once an old city, and now little is left, because of a volcano. And the white you see is some sort of iron which destroyed most the city. İt was so amazing and green in the fields and just different and intresting.

Dont ask who is taking this pic. (it was this kurdish man who was trying to get my number..oh the good times :D but here is the old ampiteather.

The natural warm water.

Part of the old city, one of the tombs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Obama came to Ankara for a visit, as you all know, His picture was put up in the hallway and I thought it was picture worthy.

The things I love about Turkey, all the statues...

You cant tell from this picture, but after you go out of the castle there is three streets and they are just addorable!! Like old england. Oh I loved them so much... that must have been why 70 lira was suddenly gone after I left.. :D

This means, cheese worker. I just thought it was funny..

This is the famous spice market, just as you walk out of the caslte its here. It was really beautifuly and colourful.

The castle, (sorry all my pictures are a bit scaterd around) This is the old Anakara caslte..which theres really not much left but it was still fun to go and see.

This is the tallest tower in Turkey. I have no idea what it is used for. But we took the glass elevator up, danced and played in the wind. Then I took the stairs down!

It was so windy and coold!

Dancing :D

And once again, AFS wrien on walls.

Inside the Ankara Mosque.

This old lady was like, "Can I take a picture with you??" of corse we said yes, then after she was like, "I cant believe this! My first pictures with strangers!".. ok what ever makes you happy.

The view of the old getto from the castle.

Sorry random, but this is leaving for Ankara.

Everywhere we go we write AFS. The only funny thing is, everywhere we write it, its always on some historical site.. Only in Turkey :D

Walking through the getto to get to the castle.

Now, to get here you must walk up a huge big hill then up 100 stairs.. So I had achevied much.

We must of really adapted to the culture..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AFS Adana

At the only Starbucks in Adana.

The shoes I'm wearing are called UGG. They are the rage here. And these babys costed about 160 dollars. Don't worry, these are not mine! Just posing!

Me and Giulia chilling at Yaşars house on the holiday.

So as we were walking around and waiting for the bus we decided that he looked exatcly like the typical American Movie Star. And we all took pictures with him. He was really angry and was like, "but I look Turkısh.." no you don't hunny.

Sunday, March 1, 2009



After Atatürks Palace we sat here eating Adana Kebap which is just.. not ok. Its like eating New York Steak in Nebraska. Just not the same. But the view was so wonderful and I was so hungry that it didn't matter.

Us from Adana at a 4 ın the morning flight. So all freezeing cold night we went and saw a bit of İstanbul. We went and ate Benn and Jerrys. Thanks you to me. I insisted on it and it was worth it. We saw that amazing bridge (one of them) the amazıng view at night. And the expencive shopps! All at 2 in the morning. Then we went to sleep in this ladys house. And she didnt even give us blankets or anything. And we were frezzing. I took the only one then snuggled so I was warm but for the others.. feel bad for them. Then we went and took a bus to the airport but dont ask me what happend cause I was dead. For the four days we were in Istanbul I sleept totall, 8 hours :) But anyways, İstanbul is really amzing. Go if you ever can.


So this boy likes to play this ridiculous card game. And who ever losses has to do some stupid dare. So after one boy had shaved his legs and this boy has perced his ear.. We were sitting and talking and I was like "I really have never meet anyone like you who would really do the dare that they were dared no matter what." Then I was thinking that I've never actually seen anyone run around in there underwear. So I dared him 20 ytl and he ran around the lobby in his underwear. We have a video. Will post soon.

Funny story. We 5 from Adana made a AFS t-shirt just in time for the Istanbul camp to make everyone jelous of us. And on the plane the whole time we just were writing messages to eachother on the back. It was like "ok 1-2-3 SWİTCH!!" But they turned out really neet!

In front of Atatütks Palace there is this gaurd that stands there, he's not allowed to move or blink. Me and Iceland and Costa Rica with the "stone man."

Getting in with our roots.

Me and Giulia with some of the boys on the beautiful beach.

I just got back from Istanbul for an AFS camp. We stayed in a really nice hotel right on the beach. Of corse the whole time it decieded to rain but the sea was beautiful. We left early Thursday morning from Adana then went to the hotel to meet everyone and also, funny story. We were all stating in the hallway up stairs and they said its time for lunch so I was getting into elevator and I was like I don't want to go alone so people got in and then I keept pulling more and more people in. Eventually we had 7 people squezzed into this tiny elevator. Then as soon as you can say "ıdk" something broke and we feel like 4 inches and the power cut and so we were stuck in the elevator cramped together for 30 mins.. But we lived.. and a nice story to tell. Besides I thought it was funny. (by the way it said plain as day: 4 kişi (four people) on the mirror of the elevator.. ups :) So the rest of the time we just stayed in the hotel, went to bed at 5 or later everynight. Talked, played stupid games, dared people to do stupid things, and try to help everyone with thier proplems. Then on Sunday we went into Istanbul and saw Dolma Bahçisi then sat in a cafe in Taxem square then we from Adana went and saw one of the bridges and walked around "bebek" (baby) the nicest part of Istanbul, at like 2 in the morning! Then I came back to Adana and sleept 23 hours strait... So it was fun but it was more of a serous camp and something to refresh you and give you hope for the rest of the year. But I love it, seeing my second family again!!